About Us

Hi everybody!



My name is Natalie! The story behind Secret Sauce is really quite simple.



I had simply wanted to be able to eat a wide variety of foods that I'm used to before moving to Switzerland. Coupled with the desire to eat healthy and as naturally as possible, plus the necessity to cook and flavour food quickly (due to having 2 young children at home), creating easy to cook and ready made sauces is very important for me in order to be successful in running a catering business and a busy household.



A few years ago, I began a part-time corporate catering business and it was a one woman business; therefore it was a necessity to ensure that lunches could be whipped up quickly without having to be ready in the kitchen at 5 every morning! 



I was born to eat. I wasn't born to be a chef running a restaurant or similar. I came from the corporate world, with a background dealing with international finance, marketing and contracts. My family and I relocated to Switzerland and from here it was time to really find my calling. So the bulk production of all the sauces became a priority in order to quickly and easily cook large quantities of food. 



Secret Sauce was born. 



I'm not the only one who is juggling a career or a business, and a household at the same time! The desire of many to be conscious of what they eat as essential to good health, had lead to me making the decision to retail our sauces to the market. All of our sauces are made from scratch with as much fresh ingredients as possible. When cooking with Secret Sauce, it is almost as if you have your own private Sous Chef doing all of the prep work for you! 



As I'm very much a foodie and traveller, I hope to bring to you flavours from all over the world through my own interpretation of them, and offer reviews of restaurants (via our instagram blog @secretsauce_blog) wherever I visit different parts of the world. Secret Sauce will eventually offer truly a worldwide variety of flavours, and take you on a journey around the world straight from your dinner table. 



I sincerely hope that Secret Sauce can become the Secret to your success in both managing a busy career and family, bringing to everyone a variety of fully flavoured foods. 



Please join me on a journey to be lost in flavour with Secret Sauce!